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Lucia Ceja

Joined Dec 11 2014
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Barcelona, Spain
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European Flow Researchers Network

Affiliation (i.e., University/Institution or Company name)

IESE Business School/Sparkling Strategies SL

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[email protected]

Research activities concerning flow (maximum 100 words)

The application of nonlinear dynamical systems theory to the study of work-related flow over time. I'm also interested in the relationship between flow and play. Likewise, I'm interested in exploring the context of family-owned businesses as an important field of study to increase our understanding of flow experience.

Application of flow research (applications/consulting in the workplace, health, education, etc) maximum 100 words

I'm a certified Lego Serious Play Facilitator and during my trainining with Lego I apply the flow theory to keep my workshop participants within the optimal zone of creativity and innovation. I also use the concept of flow to help companies and individuals create value through the development of work environments that foster creativity, innovation and meaning.

Publications on flow (in any language, please use APA style)

Ceja, L., & Navarro, J. (2012). “Suddenly I get into the zone”: Examining discontinuities and nonlinear changes in flow experiences at work. Human Relations, 65 (9), 1101-1127.

Ceja, L., & Navarro, J. (2011). Within-individual variability in flow experiences at work: An approach from the complexity theory. Journal of Organizational behavior, 32, 627-651.

Ceja, L., & Navarro, J. (2009). Dynamics of flow: A nonlinear perspective. Journal of Happiness Studies, 10, 665-684.